What a lazy morning I have had.

I struggled to get off to sleep last night, with the pain from my lower back/left hip, so got up and took an ibuprofen, it must have kicked in within half an hour, and I slept until around 8.30.

I slowly got up, had coffee and breakfast first, then a shower allowing the water to go over this area. I took my meds including a second ibuprofen, and used a muscle rub on the lower back/hip area. Sat down to get dressed, did my hair, and skincare.

My daughter and I have been trying to FaceTime every couple of weeks, and it was nice to be able to do this today. I also got to see, and speak to my youngest granddaughter, who is the light of my life. Autism makes her very special. My eldest granddaughter works from home, so I get to see her occasionally if we do it at the weekend.

It’s now afternoon, and I haven’t done a thing around the house. That’s good, because if I wasn’t keeping occupied, I would be doing stuff instead of resting.


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