If you see this name on Facebook, don’t trust them. Jekline Fanandese

As you know I sometimes get items from sellers, and they refund my money. Some ask you if you will write an honest review, others will ask for feedback on how they did.

Over the years I have had the odd seller, that I have ordered from, and never got a refund. I vow that I won’t trust them, even though some of my friends have worked with them.

This person was clever, because I insisted on getting my money before delivery, and that is what that person did. They wanted me to order again, and I refused, as it was immediately after Len passed away. They waited until I got back online, and asked for help. Gullible me fell for it. Yes, I ordered, and was promised payment on numerous occasions, and today the name does not exist on Facebook Messenger. Yes, I have some products, but not what I would have bought at this time.

This stupid old women fell for it, as they had paid before. From now on, I will only buy if it is something that I really want, or need. I won’t be pressured, or listen to the sob story that this item isn’t selling, etc.

I can’t see them using the same name, but I wanted to put it out there, just in case anyone else has the same problem with them.


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