Body Flow, and Body Pump.

As you know by my posts today, it’s been a football day. I did pop out between matches to pick up a couple of food items at Winn Dixie, and 2 more at Save a Lot. You can’t beat a gallon of milk for $2.50, and bananas at 38 cents a lb. That, and other fruits and vegetables are all I get from Save a Lot.

Saturday mornings at 10.30 is Zumba, and every time I have gone, it has been streamed as well. So at 10.15 I tried to find the link. It wasn’t on the website, so I went to each of the instructor’s pages, and nothing. At 10.40 I sent a question to the gym, but didn’t get an answer.

Once the F.A. Cup was over, I pulled up the videos on the Family Fitness site, and did half of a Body Flow class, which really helped my hip/lower back, and then I got my lightest weights, and did a little Body Pump. If I had been at the gym I would have been lifting 4 times this weight. So even though I have missed 3 days at the gym, I am still doing light exercise.

I made a huge cauliflower cheese tonight, and really enjoyed it for my dinner. I have another 5 servings cooling down.


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