Are you wearing a Face Mask?

We live in the strangest times, we have the honor system, and if you are fully vacinated in America, you don’t have to wear a mask. However states can insisted you do, counties also can, and so can businesses.

Even though I have had both of my vaccines, I automatically put one on if I am going inside a business. This is my choice.

My thoughts are that there are always the people that don’t intend to get vaccinated, and will not wear a mask, as it is not mandatory now.


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  2. I’m vaccinated, so I only put on a mask in a venue that requires it. Simply follow the CDC guidelines and not political ones and we’ll all be the better for it.

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  3. I’m with you, Susie. I had two errands to run this morning and masked up both times. I’ve made it this far, so not going to take any chances.

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  4. I’m fully vaccinated, 2 Moderna shots, but continue to wear the mask. I can still contract the virus, plus if I come in contact with someone, I can pass it on to others – I choose not to take either chance.

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  5. WE are supposed to wear masks here as we are in another lockdown. I always wear a mask if I am near other people. I am respecting them and keeping myself safe as well.

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  6. well I am from the camp that the 3% of parcels they keep out give an illusion of protection – but the narrative has many people overlooking science – check out the work of Dr Zach Bush


  7. I choose not to wear a mask not that I am fully vaccinated. Since I have asthma, the mask makes it difficult for me to breathe, so I appreciate the businesses that are taking away the mandate.


  8. Getting my 2nd shot on Monday! I think I’ll still wear a mask in businesses. I’m a little worried we’ll have another spike. Maybe enough ppl aren’t vaccinated to life the mandate. Time will tell but excited to see the other side of the tunnel finally!

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  9. We have to wait for a very long time in Canada to get the second dose of vaccine.
    We are still in a complete lockdown in Ontario, no doubt abut wearing mask. You cannot go anywhere without it.
    So, people in America are way ahead of Canada.
    Let’s see how this all plays out, how long vaccines work, how many are needed, how they prevent from new variants of virus and how soon the pandemic ends.
    It might be quite many months here where I am. Maybe next spring will be better.
    Time and future will show how safe we really are. Right now, we live on assumptions which have not been tested by time since there simply wasn’t enough time.
    All the best to you!

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  10. Yeah, I don’t expect the honor system to work out all that well either with the people who refuse to get vaccinated. We’re fully vaccinated but still wearing masks when we go out, at least for a while longer, but we’re at least willing to see our (also vaccinated) friends now, if we can just get our schedules coordinated …

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