Great results at the dermatolist.

We usually went every 6 months for a skin cancer check, but this last one kept getting postponed due to Len’s health, and subsequent death.

The worst thing was the wait. Normally there is no wait here, but because I was on my own in the waiting room for the first time, it was 45 minutes. My anxiety was creeping up on me. The odd tear trickeled down my face.

Finally I was called in. The girl asked me how I was doing, and I answered honestly, telling her the reason.

I took my clothes off, and had my bikini underneath, so that they could see every inch that gets exposed to the sun.

James came in with a trainee, and looked around, and asked me where Len was. I burst into tears, because I had phoned the office, and told them, when I made this appointment, and the assistant that I had seen was in the room, and knew about it. He said how sorry he was.

I also think it was sitting in the room for 5 minutes with the door closed, due to my lack of clothing. I always had Len there, so it didn’t bother me.

He, and the trainee did the check, and no skin cancers. This was such a blessing for me, as the last 3 or 4 times I have had them removed. He gave me a waist hug from the side, which I so appreciated.

Still upset I continued to do what I would have done with Len, and that was to go to Wendy’s for there junior cheeseburger, and free coffee. It was hard sitting on my own, but could go on my phone this time.

So 2 old experiences, on the list. Hopefully next time it will get easier.



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