I was with my doctor for 35 minutes.

Usually it is just to go over lab results, but as they are sent to my patient portal, I already knew the results so we didn’t go over them. I only have one that is a little high, and that is cholesterol, and with what I eat, and exercise, the doctor is fine with it.

I had told her assistant all the things on my list, and it is long. Today we concentrated on my left shoulder, and hip/lower back. I pulled up both arms with my elbows out, and the left one barely came up to my bustline. My doctor, lifted it in various directions, which hurt, and said that it looks like the rotator cuff.

First thing is to get an xray, and then an MRI, if it is serious. Also to get physical therapy on it. I was taking Meloxicam for my knee, but the doctor had told me to only take it when necessary. She didn’t want me to become dependant on it. I said that I had thrown the last of them away, as they went out of date. I am to take Meloxicam for the shoulder, and also my back/hip, as she reckons I pulled a muscle. It has to be taken with food, and on days that I have PT she wants me to take it beforehand.

She also gave me a script for my mammogram, and I can have both at the same imaging center. She wants me back in 6 weeks, and will do my Women’s checkup, and also an EKG. I also have a stool card to take to that visit.

We accumplished a lot.


  1. That was a busy appointment. I am amazed by you. You’re in such good health. Pt will do wonders. I have been going to PT for three weeks now, with two more to go before evaluation. I will see it’s for my—back/hip on the right side. Oh, thank you. You reminded I gave to call and schedule my women’s checkup.

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