The Premier League is so exciting right now. Disgraceful end to the Chelsea – Leicester match.

It’s the next to last matches of the season, and boy what a feast of football we have had.

Fulham managed a draw against Manchester United, which elated them, even though they have been relegated for next season. 1 – 1 score.

It was expected for Leeds to beat Southampton, and they did, 2 – 0.

Then I was jumping up and down for joy when Brighton & Hove Albion beat Manchester City 3 goals to 2. City had been down to 10 men in the 10th minute when Cancelo got a red card. Still, what a turn up for the books.

It’s now 84 minutes into the Chelsea – Leicester City match, and it’s 2 – 1 to Chelsea. If this stands then Chelsea with overtake Leicester, and go into 3rd place. Leicester will drop down to 4th. With only one more match for them to play, who will remain in the top 4, for European football, next season. All 10 matches get played at the same time on Saturday, so what a day it will be.

In added time we have just had a wrestling match with both teams getting involved. First on the ground, and then on the sideline. With fans egging them on, this is such a shame for the sport. I don’t condone this kind of behavior.

Chelsea won the match.


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