My car is in tip top condition.

I wanted to make sure my car was up to date with everything, even though it’s a 2019, it is 3 years old, with 13,800 miles on the clock.

They did the inspection, and checked the tires, but they didn’t need a rotation. That pleased me, as Monday I will be driving in traffic down to Treasure Island for the monthly Board of Director’s meeting, and driving back home in the afternoon. Len couldn’t manage an 80 mile round trip in one day, but knowing my car is good to go, this lady is ready for it.

Depending on how long the meeting takes, I might take a walk in the water’s edge before heading back home. That would be a breath of fresh air for me.


  1. The only time Len spent money was very 18 months to 2 years when he got a new vehicle. Not me as you can tell being 3 years old. I don’t think he ever had a vehicle that had done 10,000 miles,

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  2. Got A 2014 Civic
    Never A Problem
    80,000 Miles It’ll



    For The

    Rest of My
    Life Hehe to
    The Chagrin

    Of my Wife Who
    Wants A New Blue

    Touring SuBaRu Forester

    That Costs Two Thirds

    As Much As Our Home

    Bought In ‘93 All



    Now Worth

    More Than 3 Times

    More Living Free my Please

    Civic’s Last For The Rest Of

    A Life

    To Live Freer Indeed

    All Paid-Off Since

    2016 Like Our Home

    my Philosophy Wins

    Early Retirement

    Now Then


    47 Susie

    For 13 Years🙌😊

    Never Tied Down
    Again With

    Greed Too





    “American Illusion” 🤮 🤑

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