Rotator Cuff: Exercises

You know me, I can never be idle, so after knowing that I will be having P.T. on my left shoulder. I went to the Internet, and looked at all the exercises. I finally chose this set of exercises:

Rotator Cuff: Exercises | Kaiser Permanente

The reason being, each of the 16 exercises have pictures of the beginning, and the end of the motion. It is written in big print, and very easy to follow. It gives you the degrees of movement. You can just do 1 or 2 to start, and then build up on them.

As boxing, lifting, and most of my favorite workouts are out, I have something that I can do at home. The only thing I needed was a pole, and a band, which most people have in their homes.

I did around a third of the repetitions yesterday, and only did it once after having dinner, and taking my medication. It felt a little sore, but nothing else.

When I go to P.T., I guess I will be saying, I have already done that, but we shall see.


  1. Good luck with this Susie! My husband had four rotator cuff surgeries(men never learn) and he swore by the wall climbing exercises. I hope you find something that helps relieve your pain.πŸ’œ

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  2. You will amaze your PT coach when you get there because you’ve already started!! You will heal fast and hope you don’t have to have surgery. ❀️

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