Hugging on the Today show.

I am sitting here, having coffee, and breakfast, and the question came up about hugging, and no masks. Al Roker unmasked hugged Carson Daly this morning, life maybe getting back to ‘normal’.

Yes, they have had their vaccinations, as both were shown taking place on the plaza.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay


  1. I read on your last post, the reticence of some to take their masks off. If last year the clarion call was to follow the science and wear a mask, then this year we should STILL follow the science and CDC guidelines and take them off if vaccinated. I’m only wearing my mask in establishments that are privately owned and require them. Their business, their rules. But, I’m not wearing one outside at all and it feels great!

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  2. I wonder if people who never believed in the reality of the virus mistakenly feel vindicated that it appears to be waning because many of us wore masks, socially distanced, and got vaccinated. Talk about getting a free ride….

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  3. I went to a store yesterday that removed the mask protocol, so I did not wear a mask. That felt as strange to me as it did when we all had to wear masks. This is gonna be different…

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