Comfort food, and only Zumba for exercise.

Its been 51 days since Len passed away. He left me with a painful left shoulder, which hasn’t allowed me to do my usual exercise.

Also if you read my posts from yesterday, you will see that I am not sticking to my normal diet. When home, during the day I am fine, but in the evenings when I am watching Britbox, I will have a kind of trifle. I make a jelly (jello) with a can of fruit cocktail in light syrup, and then add a scoop of Vanilla ice cream to it.

Yes, the pounds are creeping up on me having dessert, and a couple of pieces of chocolate. I have gone from 110 pounds to 117. The doctor said it was fine, and right now I need it, but I will have to do more Zumba/dancing, and walking. I can’t do too much lower body either, because of my right knee.

So now I really do need to move, and walk more. Even sorting out boxes of clothes etc., pulls on my left arm, so that has stopped too.



  1. We need little comforts and we deserve to treat ourselves. I have my hot meal in the evening watching TV now I’m on my own. All healthy meals, lots of veg – but I have emergency chocoate and other treats stashed by!

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