Did Zumba class this morning.

Our Instructor Michelle, was kind enough to send me the link to do a Zoom class, but I replied that I would be going to the gym.

I guess some of the ladies, and the gentleman, must have wondered why I did everything on the right side, and only the leg work on the left.

I forgot to take a photo while we were dancing, but caught one when everyone was leaving. So I got out this morning, and then I visited my friend Brenda, who is in the hospital that Len was in earlier this year. She has had 2 surgeries, and I am praying that she won’t have to go through another one.

Finally tonight, I went to the Eagles to pay the upcoming year’s dues, and stayed with my friends for an hour. I had a couple of people come up, and ask how Len was, and one of them didn’t understand when I told her he had passed. I repeated it, and then had to say out loud, that he was dead. She then squeezed my left shoulder, and kept talking, which in turn made me cry.

I left shortly afterwards, because I was getting too emotional.


  1. Ma’am you have inspired me in many ways throughout my blogging journey and now during your saddest phase you still inspire me to be strong and brave…. more power to you ma’am 🙌🏻
    Sending lots of love 💕

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