Zumba, beach, and physical therapy today.

I left the house at 10 a.m., and did my Zumba class. Met my friend there, and we both drove to the private beach that belongs to her community.

I had bottles of water, and protein bars. I had the meal one, and my friend had one of the others.

Then it was walking in the water’s edge for 2 hours. I changed in the nice restrooms, and it was already 2.30. I had to be at the PT 15 minutes later to do the paperwork.

Made it with 3 minutes to spare. I filled in endless paperwork, and went in around 3.10.

A charming young man came out, and took me back to the therapy room. He went over the paperwork, and looked at how it had happened, and I had written in the small space, ‘my husband did it’. He was bewildered. I explained about Len’s falls, and this was his gift to me. I was smiling when I said it.

So it was 4.30 before I got home. Yes, a long day, and this is my first time on WordPress today.


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