Memorial Day service, and Installation of Officers.

One of the auxiliary officers sat in the back row with me. I got through it with tears, but no noise, or sobbing. Then the Installation of Officers, followed by sloppy Joes, crisps, and a full sheet cake.

Only 4 of us showed up apart from the officers, which was such a shame. I remember the 10/12 years Len was President, Chaplain, and a Trustee, and there were so many people that they had to bring in extra chairs.

The carnations from the service.

I am now home. and watching the Brentford -Swansea football match that was played at Wembley yesterday. It is the playoff to see who comes up into the Premier League. A win will create millions of pounds for the winning team. There are 12,000 supporters in the stands. Brentford are 2 – 0 up on the 63rd minute of play.

I know I could look at the result from yesterday, but that would take the fun out of it.


  1. Such beautiful carnations, Susie. Your husband would have appreciated the care taken in choosing them.
    Such a sign of respect.

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