These thoughts were a roused by a comment I wrote on a friend’s post.

Yes, I have friends but waking up to no one in the house sometimes seems unbearable. There I have actually said how I feel, and not what is expected of me.

I felt alone with my first husband. He was an alcoholic, and didn’t touch me until the day he put a knife to my throat, and said that he would kill me, if I took our daughter away from him.

Thankfully I met Len, and took care of his health for 40+ years. These past 2 months have been the loneliest, that I could never have imagined.


  1. You are a remarkable, brave woman, and I appreciate your transparency. You help many by being an example of honesty, dignity and pure grit. You may FEEL alone, but you are never alone!🤍

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  2. Susie, that’s normal surely. You don’t live with someone for 40 years and then not miss them when they’re gone. I’m sure you’ll always miss Len

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  3. It’s wise to acknowledge your true feelings and I can’t imagine the solitude. Can you have a pet where you live? A kitty or a pup? They often help and I can’t imagine being without a furry friend, it even fish with a fish tank can be a little something. Just a suggestion, I have 2 cats, 2 dogs and 2 horses which I board at a stables. Anyways, just thinking out loud as it has to be brutal going it alone after being so close with someone with all their care after 40 years. Hang in there sweet friend! ❤️

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  4. Dear Susie, Grief is never easy. Not letting ourselves feel it undermines the healing process. Through the grief, you are moving forward, you are healing. The pain is a good thing in this respect, that in facing it, accepting it, you move through it and will eventually come out on the other side. My Heart is with you, like so many others in our WordPress family. We Love you and wish you well. Sending you Angel Hugs and Sweet Blessings of Peace to help heal your Heart. 💞

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