Found a digital camera with old photos on the disk.

Every day I try and do some sorting out. I found our last digital camera, and couldn’t find the cable that went with it, so was a little sad. There was a zipper at the side of it, and I pulled out an 8 gb disk.

This past hour I have been looking at the photos on my laptop. This is the oldest one on there, and it is 11 years ago. It is Len either at Busch Gardens, or Sea World. We used to have a 2 year pass for both of the parks.

I had thought that I took care of his diet, but looking at this photo, it looks as if he had packed on a few pounds.

I am smiling now, with good memories in my head.


  1. Yeah, I found two old rolls of actual film recently. They turned out to be forgotten shots from 2010. Now I’m thinking about hiding rolls of film on purpose! So I really like and can relate to your piece.

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