The doctor phoned me.

I actually had my G.P. phone me back. She said that there was a tear in the rotator cuff that showed up in the X-ray. I am to have an M.R.I., but as it is 2 months since the injury, surgery will probably be ruled out. That is because the shoulder starts to close the gap, and it’s not always possible.

If that is the case then a cortisone shot will help with the pain, and hopefully there would be improvement with physical therapy.

I have to have blood drawn to ensure that my kidneys will take the M.R.I., so that will be done this week. I am off to the beach next week, so the earliest it can due is Monday 14th June. It takes the medical insurance people a minimum of 5 days to agree to it, and I was hoping for Friday.

So if it’s not too late, and it could be by the time I get answers. Yes, a week for the X-day result, and this is the same imaging center. Boxing, and weight lifting might be a thing of the past for me.

Image by daniel64 from Pixabay


  1. Dont count out the sport activities you like. When I broke my femur I was told I would never ride again. Well I did and I’m still riding . I recommend the best physio you can get that makes a big difference. Good luck Susie.

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  2. Never say never!! You just need time and you’re so active that I just know you will heal! Stay strong and positive. You’ll get back to your sports and workouts eventually!! 💖

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