Shepherds pie

I decided to make a Shepherds pie for myself. So instead of getting a 5lb pack of ground chuck. I bought a single pound,

I sautéed the onions, and beef, put it in a Pyrex bowl, added an OXO cube, gravy powder, and a little water.

I made the mashed potato, very little as I am not a potato lover, put in on top of the meat mixture, and pulled a fork though it.

As everything was already cooked I put the convection oven on for 20 minutes.

It came out with a brown crunch on the top. I ate a third yesterday, and have 2 more days of meals.

Cooked, with gravy inside so I didn’t have to make more.


  1. For an extra oomph Sue, get a packet of crisps and squash them about a bit to break them down a little, then put into the bag some grated cheese. Shake the bag and put what you want on top of the mash. Put under the grill until cheese melted. Adds a lovely taste to the shepherds pie.

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