To think it’s 7 pm and I have only written 1 post.

Usually I would have written 3 by now, but I have achieved a lot today.

I saw on the television before I left for the doctors office that an accident had occurred on US 19, and traffic could be tied up for hours.

Therefore after having my blood drawn, which was a piece of cake, I avoided 19, and did hit some of the diverted traffic. I drove to the gym on the back roads.

After awhile on the treadmill, a friend who I used to teach boxing tapped me on the shoulder. We both walked and chatted. I talked her into doing the 10.30 Zumba class. We went into the room, only to have the guy on the desk tell us that our instructor was stuck in that traffic.

We went back on the treadmills until I couldn’t stand it anymore. Enough is enough of something you hate anyway.

I took myself off to Panera Bread for my free decaf coffee.

My day will continue later. Dessert time.


  1. I had 10 things on my to-do list, accomplished 5 of them, had dinner with our son, and edited 2 chapters of a book I am attempting to write. So it was a good day.

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  2. Susie, I am with you when it comes to treadmills. I stay a safe distance away from them. I would much rather walk outside for 4-5 miles than be stuck in a machine in a room.

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