How do I change this screen that comes up every time I go to write a post. As you can see by the featured picture, this is the screenshot of my page.

I have tried clicking on everything, and nothing will change it. Any suggestions out there?


  1. Write your post title where the curser is blinking. When you have done that, click on the + sign on the right. I always select Classic and then start writing. That is what I do every day to write my posts.

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  2. I prefer the block because there are more choices in the layout of photos.

    My curser always used to be were the title goes, but I have now found the line that can’t be seen. 🙃🤔

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  3. Unfortunately i don’t use a computer only my mobile phone, hopefully you will work things out, to be honest after the latest update on wordpress i haven’t been to happy with their new version, best wishes to you my lovely blog friend 🙏


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