Great drive down to Treasure Island.

The traffic close to home was from traffic light, to traffic light, but once I got a third of the way, the traffic eased off. I kept within 5 miles of the speed limit, and let everyone else pass me, and still arrived a little before my timeshare unit was ready.

I walked the boardwalk, then came up, collected my keys, and brought my stuff into the apartment. As soon as the food was in the fridge, and freezer, I went for a lovely walk along the water’s edge.

I have just come up to eat, and hoping to get another walk before the rain starts. The clouds are starting to look heavy, and dark. Not to worry, it’s what we expect this time of the year.


  1. I have several weeks, but with Covid we didn’t bring in as much rental money last year. If we have a week that isn’t owned, we let owners have it for the week for the cost of the maintenance.

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  2. Yes, to enjoy old age you need enough money but more importantly your health. Len was very fortunate to have you looking after him but I’m sure he knew this.

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