Been to 3 restaurants on my own now.

When I traveled down to Treasure Island for the meeting 2 weeks ago, on my way home I went to Seabreeze Island Grill and Bar.

Yesterday on my way down, I called into Wendy’s for a junior cheeseburger, and free coffee, and mini frosty.

Today I went to Cody’s Roadhouse Grill. I felt awkward asking for a table for one, but the lady said that it was fine. I was then asked if I wanted a booth or table, I said whatever is best for you. They put me on a 6 top booth.

I did say to my server, that I had been coming here for years with my husband, and this was my first time on my own. She told me it was fine. I ordered the Sunday lunch special. All you can eat salad, yeast rolls, an entrée (I had the shrimp skewers, and sweet potato), and brought home my cheesecake with raspberry drizzle.

I only stayed for 35 minutes, as I knew that she was losing money on me. I ate the salad, 2 rolls, 1 skewer, and a little of the potato. In the fridge I have another meal to eat.

I thanked her very much, and didn’t have any tears eating out on my own.


  1. I need to do this!!! Thank you because people clearly need to get their tastebuds back. I know I have not had one of those fantastic pizza with honey and chilly like they do in the place I usually go to.

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  2. You’re very brave. You can take comfort from that and so can anyone else who is in the same situation and reads your blog.


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