Taking my time to smell the roses, or should I say, Ocean.

For the past couple of years, I would spend more time in the apartment, instead of walking the beach. It was fine, but when I walked it was speed walking, and looking at the sand so I didn’t step on sharp shells.

When I came down a month after Len passed away, I had something planned every day, and still didn’t slow down.

I am still getting several walks in a day, and Saturday, which was only part of the day I did 19,125 steps, Sunday 20,451, Monday 22,636, it’s 4.30 p.m., and I am already at 14,597 steps on my phone.

This time I walk, stop, and enjoy the waves rolling over my feet, and legs. I do stretching exercises, and just enjoy the beach, and the ocean. Yes, I don’t have to rush anymore, so now I really can ‘Smell the roses’ so to speak.


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