What a brilliant day.

My daughter text me this morning to say that she would be able to FaceTime today. We try and do it for a few minutes every 2 or 3 weeks. Well, today it was an hour and a half, which made me so happy. I even got to chat to my youngest granddaughter, and she always put a huge smile on my face, that stays for a long time.

So I didn’t get down to the beach until 1 p.m., and have already done over 10,000 steps. I am going down again shortly for a walk before dinner, and then I will be down again for sunset. We have the longest days right now, and the sunset is 8.30 p.m.


  1. It wonderful you can still do all at 72. I have a sister in law who is 72 and does crossfit. God knows I wish my body could handle that, well not really, crossfit is not for me, a stroll is for me. I admire you and my sister in law but have to be thankful for a stroll on this earth. Glad I can do that. Blessings.

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  2. Video chats are great. We do video chats with our son on What’s App once a week and it is so nice to see him and hear what he is up to. He is currently working on a project in Montenegro. We miss him a lot and usually see him in London where he lives. but with Covid we have not been able to go. I’m so glad you can connect online with your daughter and her family Susie!

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  3. I think my daughter is realizing what a toll Len’s death, and my shoulder, is. Before Len got really sick it was Christmas, and sometime around their birthdays. I know that she barely gets 4 hours sleep being a full time caregiver for Isobelle.

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