I quite like some sugar free foods.

When I shopped, I always bought sugar free, or no sugar added for Len, and would buy the odd dessert/chocolate for me. I have given my friend with diabetes most of the food, and drinks that hadn’t been opened.

I would make him sugar free jelly/jello with fruit cocktail in natural pear juice. I had several of both left, so made it, and put a little sponge cake in the bottom, similar to a trifle. I found it was delicious. So have continued to make it.

He loved the sugar free Werther’s Caramel hard candies/sweets, I gave my friend a couple of packets, and there was one started. I popped one in my mouth, and really enjoyed the taste.

I don’t intend to change what I eat, but if it’s sugar free, I will certainly try it in the future.



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