I ended up having a 200 calorie protein/fiber bar with My Panera decaf coffee.

I stopped off at Aldi, and bought lots of really good food in small quantities, before heading home.

I brought everything in from the car, put all the shopping, and food from my trip away, and felt really hungry. I had bought Black Forest ham, and Italian shredded 3 kinds of cheese. I whisked up 3 eggs, and added butter, and some of the ham, and cheese. I lightly toasted the inside of a croissant, and piled the cooked mixture on top. Boy, was it good.

Now it’s time to check the mail, yes 7 days, and watch the Belgium – Russia European Championship match. Belgium ate leading 2 – 0 and it’s coming up for halftime.



  1. We only have terrestrial tv and the afternoon games are on our cable operator’s channels which we watch thanks to the internet! Thankfully we’ll get to see all the French games.


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