Thankfully the MRI is done.

Len used to have MRI’s and I would drive him both ways, as he never felt great after them. I have one girlfriend who has just had surgery to remove 2 of her toes, and my other one has just broken her wrist, so I drove myself there.

There is no wait time due to Covid social distancing, so that was great. I was asked to lay on the bed of the machine, and point to which shoulder that was being taken. Then my shoulder was packed tight to my body, and ear defenders were placed on my head. I was asked what music I liked, and I said ‘Queen’, but of course I didn’t get it, and 90% of the time I couldn’t hear it.

I was in the machine for around 30 minutes, and the tightness around my shoulder made it really painful, but I knew it wouldn’t be a lifetime. I then came out to daylight, and kept my eyes closed as the needle was going in my right arm, to insert the dye. I can’t stand needles, but it was necessary. I went back in the machine for a further 10 minutes.

When I came out I was asked to sit up to take the shoulder strapping off of me. I was lightheaded/dizzy, and could still hear the banging noises. My face must have showed this, because I was told to take my time. A minute or two later I wobbled out of the room, and was accompanied to the waiting room.

I sat in my car, drank water, before driving home. However, I had a smile on my face as I drove in. These beautiful flowers were in full bloom.


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