I feel so sorry for everyone in England.

Here in Florida, and most of the U.S., we are so fortunate that the new strains of Covid don’t hit us, like England. My daughter asked if I knew why, and I couldn’t give her an answer. The only thing I could say it that the U.K. is around the size of Florida, with a much greater population. Therefore a new variant will spread faster, and affect more people.

What are your thoughts on this, because if they keep adding months, even more businesses, and jobs will be lost. Then the recovery will be even harder.


  1. Yes, it is easy for us armchair analysts to make these calls but must be difficult making them when you are in the hot seat. I do not envy them at all. Hopefully, the numbers will go back down again soon.

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  2. Its far from over and its eased up however don’t get comfortable,England is smart and Canada is even smarter,America has been rolling dice and hope things don’t backfire,they haven’t handle this right at all since it started imo


  3. We are slowly emerging from the Third Wave lockdown. I think we do have the Delta variant here and they are increasing vaccinations in the areas where it as been found. Two shots seems to be the answer to the variants so they are getting second shots into thousands of people every day. My husband and I are getting our second shots (Pfizer) tomorrow.


  4. I feel bad for those in the UK because it seems like the lockdown is never going to end there.
    Here in Denmark, things are going well and the restrictions have slowly been easing. This past Monday they ended the mask mandate.


  5. That’s a hard question to respond to. How many people have been vaccinated and are they still social distancing and wearing masks? We have been vaccinated but still social distance when out and about and still wear our masks. But then, being 80 and 82 going on 81 and 83, we tend to be a bit more careful than the average bear.


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