Plans change.

Yesterday I didn’t go dancing, as I had got really upset during the day, and then had the experience at the doctor’s office.

Today with my P.T. at 11 a.m., it meant that I couldn’t do the 10.30 Zumba class, so I thought that I would do dancing tonight. First off I thought of the Eagles, and contacted my 3 friends that go there, and love dancing. 2 were going to the Elks with friends, and the other one didn’t plan on going out. I can’t be a member as it’s only for U.S. citizens.

Second choice was to go to the evening Zumba class, so I checked, and booked the 6 p.m. class. 15 minutes later my neighbor knocked on my door, and asked if I had seen the police cars, and helicopter. I said that I noticed one doing a turn in my driveway, but then he left. She told me that the police were looking for someone close to where we live, and she advised me to stay in. I thanked her, locked the door, and canceled my booking.

Even though there is football on tomorrow, and don’t get me started as to how useless England played today. I don’t mind missing the end of the Hungry – France match so that I can do the Zumba class.


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