Shower and washing your hair with one hand is so much fun.

I was up at 8 a.m., and my hair was greasy so needed to wash it. Can you believe that it’s now 9.20, and I have only managed to have coffee, shower/wash my hair, and clean the shower as best I can. I am finally having breakfast with my second cup of coffee.

Good job I am not going to the gym today for Zumba, as I would struggle to make it. I do have plenty of time to get to my physical therapist for my 11 a.m. appointment.



  1. So why are you having physical therapy? I tried to find a blog post that explained what was happening with your shoulder or whatever but I couldn’t find anything. Is this a recent injury or just a nagging injury that you’re taking care of right now?


  2. It happened when Len was falling all the time. I went to get behind him, and he pulled on my left arm with both hands. I heard and felt the rip in the rotator cuff.


  3. Bon Week-End


    Voici la fin de semaine

    Fini le boulot ! Bonjour le repos

    Profite un maximum de ces 2 jours de repos

    Je te souhaite un bon samedi plein de surprises

    Et une bonne journée de dimanche reposante

    Lundi sera vite là

    Ainsi va la vie

    Je te souhaite déjà un bon lundi et un belle semaine

    à venir

    Et avoir un grand plaisir à te retrouver

    prochainement sur ton délicieux blog

    Bises d’un ami qui t’apprécie


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