Today has been an uplifting day.

We had a fun Zumba class today, with Paola, our instructor.

I know that some of the ladies eat after class, and I did mention it a month or so ago, if they would include me now. As we were leaving the gym, Paola said, we are going to Pam’s restaurant, and anyone is welcome to come.

So 6 of us headed across the parking lot from Family Fitness, and went to the restaurant. One of the ladies asked my name, and I pointed to the opposite side of the road, and said ‘Do you see Susie’s family restaurant, that was mine, and Len’s back in the 90’s.

Paola kept talking about the stuffed French toast, and it sounded so good, that I went for it as well. 2 slices of French toast with cream cheese in the middle, and canned strawberries in a thick syrup. Both of us ate half, and brought the other half home.

The Zumba ladies

Tonight I am going to cook eggs, and sausages for protein, and then add fresh sliced strawberries to the rest of it. They are nice and sweet so I won’t need anything else with them. Perhaps some seedless grapes too.

I felt like a different person as this is the first time I have eaten out in a group, for years. When Len’s health deteriorated several years ago, it was exercise, and straight home.


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