Did my first order, and pickup, at WalMart.

One of my sellers had a Walmart product to me to order. I have Amazon Prime, but not Walmart+, as it’s $98 a year, and I can go to the store. The item was only $17, so I would have had to pay $5.99 S & H for it.

Since Len passed, the only thing I buy from Walmart is the Golden Curry Mix. It is actually a bar of curry, that I add to my curry 5 minutes before serving. It really thickens up the curry, and gives it that extra kick. So I kept adding a couple at a time, and it didn’t go over the $35 minimum for free shipping, until I got to 7.

The sellers item will be delivered, but the curry was to be picked up from the nearest Walmart. I haven’t seen it on their shelves in a long time, so it wasn’t ready until today. I checked in, when leaving Panera, and followed the sign to pickup. It was right at the opposite end. I pulled up in spot 14, and had to type the number in, and the color of my car. Within 5 minutes a gentleman came out. It stated to have your trunk/boot open. He came up to my window, so I put my mask on, and he just needed to verify my name.

It was easy to do, and I would be happy to do it again, if the situation arises.



  1. I used the Walmart delivery service last year when I broke my foot and had surgery. I payed about 10.00 a month for unlimited delivery to my door. It was so easy and convenient plus if I were to drive myself there I would have spent more then 10.00 a month. I can now walk again so I dont use the service as much anymore. Haven’t tried the pickup service yet but planning on it soon.


  2. I paid the fee for a year of delivery but of course a tip is needed too. It is almost time to renew- who thought I would need to? This pandemic is far from over and I probably will renew. That means I can order as many times as I wish for small or large orders. It saves having to ask anyone to drive or pick up for me. My family always says they’ll pick it up but summer is here, sports started and it’s busier than ever.

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