Panera Bread was almost empty today.

I hadn’t planned on eating out today, as I guessed everywhere would be jamming, being Father’s day. That wasn’t the case at Panera Bread.

I did my least favorite thing at the gym, the treadmill. I didn’t do the 15 incline, because it would pull on my left shoulder. So I did 6 minutes on 3 mph, and then 2 minutes on 4 mph, and contined for 45 minutes. That was enough for me, and I did get my heart rate up to 144.

So I am thinking that I may not get a seat at Panera, and probably will have my $8.99 a month unlimited coffee to go.

The parking lot was empty, and so was the restaurant. Only 2 tables occupied. I have NEVER seen it this quiet. I sat and enjoyed a cup of regular coffee, and brought I decaf home for tonight.


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