Stopped off at the produce store today.

I did Zumba this morning, and will add photos, and video in a later post. From there I went to P.T., and I was talking with my therapist, and he said that I can do crunches, as it shouldn’t affect my shoulder. If I feel any pain to stop immediately. I will feel better added more to my boring workouts.

I called into the produce store, which is close by, and hadn’t bought anything since paying $9 for a half flat of strawberries, only to find the bottom layer were spoiled, and I had to throw them away.

They had the sweetest Bing cherries for $1.99 a lb., so I bought 2 lb., beautiful smelling tomatoes at $1.49 a pound. I only bought 2, as it’s just for me, and bananas at 19 cents a lb.

I have just eaten a bowl of cherries that were like syrup, and still hard, and had a crunch to them. Just the way I love them.

So very pleased with today’s purchase, and I will go back again, but never buy in bulk, only what I can see.

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