The local butcher is going to make me Bangers.

Next-door to Skin Care by Dawn, where I had my massage today, we have a butcher’s shop. I decided to go in there, and see if they had British bangers. He had heard of them, and said that he could make them for me. I told him the bangers are made of pork. Any authentic British/English bangers recipe would work.

He asked me how many I wanted to order, and I asked what the price would be. He told me $4.99 a pound for the pork. I ordered 5 lbs., and told him that if they are good, which I am sure they will be, all my English friends will want to buy them too. He told me to give him a couple of days, and he will phone me when they are ready.

I am so excited. I just wish I had thought of this before Len passed away. He would have loved me cooking him an English recipe Bangers ‘n’ mash dinner.


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