I have several linear interstital full thickness partial width tears of the anterior infraspinatus tendon at the insertion of the greater tuberosity.

As well as tendinitis, and several other things going on in my shoulder. The doctor asked how P.T. was going, and I told her that yesterday, the young P.T guy was working with an older gentleman, and I called over to him, as I had already done 200 pulls, on the pully. I didn’t feel that any of the exercises he gave me were difficult, or painful to do. None addressed where my arm/shoulder stops when I put it in a lifting position. It clicks, stops, and the pain is bad.

She told me that I would be referred to an orthopedic surgeon, but would suggest that if I can do regular activities without surgery, that would be the best outcome. There are no guarantees with surgery, it is painful, and in some cases you end up with less motion. She said that she knows I am into exercise, and would I be willing to settle for aerobics. I told her that I am doing the treadmill, and dance, and bored to tears with it. She suggested running, and I reminded her of my swollen right knee, that I have had for 18 months, and if I twist it the wrong way, it gives out on me. So that’s out of the question. I also told her I am not eating anymore, but putting on weight due to not being able to do boxing, lifting, ropes, etc.

Her finally comment was that maybe the orthopedic specialist may be able to come up with exercises to help, but to seriously think of the consequences, if I were to choose surgery.

One very sad lady.


  1. Frustrating! But I would go a long way to avoid surgery. If they are telling you the result could be a shoulder with less range of motion than you have now that is a dismal outcome.

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  2. I can’t imagine as well. Hopefully, it won’t get to that. But whatever happens. You will figure it out because you’re such a strong, feisty women. Hugs to you❤️


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