Dinner today: Bangers and mash.

,My girlfriend wanted to know how the, butcher made Bangers were, so that she could decide on me giving her 1 to try (they are the size of 3 English ones) or whether she wanted half. They came wrapped in 2 parcels. The color is a little darker than the English ones. You have to prick bangers, because they have the fat of the pork, as well as the meat, and they can explode if air/fat isn’t released.

I put one in my toaster oven, and had it on grill/broil, and when it started to cook, I immediately recognize the smell. I don’t eat potato apart from mash with bangers, and chips with fish n chips. So I made mashed potatoes, and had some peas left over from earlier in the week.

Pricked banger.

I checked the banger, and it had browned, so turned it over. Once the second side had color, I put it down to the middle of the convection oven, so that the middle would be fully cooked. It didn’t take long, but I forgot to time it.

My dinner.

You can see my dinner, and the plate afterwards.

Clean plate.

The butcher had never made English/British bangers, so used an authentic recipe. The 2 minor flaws in a perfect sausage was that there wasn’t enough pork fat in them. They were a little on the dry side, and secondly they had a little too much seasoning in them. Neither of these will stop me eating them.


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