Internet and landline are working now.

When I phoned Spectrum about no Internet or landline, they asked me to pullout the power plug to both pieces of equipment, wait, and then put them back in. It did nothing.

The person I was talking to checked, and Monday between 5 and 6 p.m. was the next available time. Since she had told me that it hadn’t been working for a few days, I told her that I had important work to be done. I had been away from home, with hit and miss WIFI, so was planning on doing it this weekend.

I had a technician come out between 7 and 8 this evening. The modem had gone bad, and several different tests were done to confirm this. I now have a new modem that was setup via their office, and was very pleased at 8.15 when he told me that it was up, and working.

I wasn’t joking. Looking after my friend 24/7, and giving her the best 5 days I possibly could, I didn’t even put my laptop on. So tomorrow will be paperwork, doing the minutes for the board meeting, and videos for sellers, etc. I did come home to 3 really nice products.


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