I was able to use the gym today as I have 24/7 access.

There were only 4 vehicles in the parking lot when I arrived just after 10 a.m. This morning. I used the ball to sit on, and did crunches first, with my sling on, so I wouldn’t do more damage to my left shoulder.

I then did an hour on the treadmill, mainly walking, but doing a short run every so often to bring my heartrate up.

From here I dropped off some bangers to my girlfriend, as she is England too, and loves good English sausages. She will let me know later, what she thinks of them.

I am now home for the rest of the day. I made myself a protein shake with oat milk, whey protein powder, and collagen powder, with a banana, mango, and nuts. The flavor was chocolate, and really good.

Now I am listening to Queen station on Pandora, which means that I get similar music in between the Queen ones. If they are good I get up and dance. Why not, as I enjoy music, and dance.


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