I was looking forward to drinking a whole bottle of Brut.

Only because the alcohol had been removed. Yes, Publix sell the Fre brand of Brut, so at 7 o’clock I figured I would open it. Usually when you unwind the wire, the cork pops on it’s own. I had my wine glass ready. No, it wouldn’t budge. I tried it with string around it, like my Dad used to do, no. I even tried with a new knife, and it broke the tip off of it.

My final try was the corkscrew, and I kept twisting it into the cork, and got it part of the way down. When I tried to close the top, and lift the cork out, that broke off too.

I wasted a whole hour, have a broken corkscrew, and a large paring knife with the tip, and a piece of the side broken off.

Worst of all, I can see it, but I can’t drink it. With Len not being with me, apart from his urn and cards, I was going to drink the whole bottle, not get drunk, and feel that my celebrating the 4th of July on my own would be a little bit special.

Tomorrow I will go to Publix, and ask to see a Manager. I will let you know what transpires.



  1. Bonjour MON AMIE
    Quand le week-end touche à sa fin c’est qu’il ouvre les portes à de nouveaux moments à cultiver ! Que cette Nouvelle Semaine te soit profitable et qu’elle t’enseigne que le temps passe vite ! Ne perds pas ton temps en te centrant sur les jours à venir ou en donnant trop d’importance à des personnes négatives ! Ouvre ton cœur et ton existence à l’espoir, la générosité et à l’amitié sincère.
    Que cette semaine te soit profitable Bernard

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