Everything bunkered down, football on the tele, a cocktail, and apple pie with ice cream.

If Tropical storm Elsa is going to stop me from going out I might as well enjoy myself.

I ran all my errands, and was home by 1 p.m. I took everything in the corner of my garage, mainly small gardening items, and put them in the dustbin (garbage can). Drove the car so it is almost touching the backdoor of the garage, and roped the steps to the storage shed.

None of my neighbors have done anything. There are flower pots out, next-door have spray paint, boxes, and multiple items up against the garage wall. It looks as if I am the only one taking it seriously. What if it gains strength before the early hours of the morning? I will be prepared. If it isn’t too bad, as my neighbors think, then all I have to do is take everything out of my clean dustbin, and put them back. You don’t need to be a brain surgeon to take precautions.

So it’s Italy against Spain, and it’s still 0 – 0 at halftime. This is one that I don’t really mind who wins. It will be tomorrow’s match that I am praying we will have power for, England against Denmark. That would really upset me, if that were the case.

We already have the high winds, and I can hear thunder.


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