Tampa Bay Lightning win Stanley Cup.

When I was in Panera Bread today, this is all I heard, so I thought you might be interested in it. As I live in the area I should be pleased, but I didn’t even know what kind of sport they were playing. From all accounts they did the same last year, so I will say Congratulations to the Lightning, for their third win.

I just googled it to find out which sport it was.


  1. They beat the Montreal Team and we had hopes that the Montreal team, Habitants, the might win but Tampa Bay played brilliantly. They won by 1 goal. So Habs were doing defense throughout but could not manage to score a goal. Professional hockey is an extremely fast game. You might like it. On another note our Grandson has just started with a soccer club. He got his uniform and his cleated shoes and had his first session yesterday. He loved it. His Uncle, our son, is a BIG fan of footie in England.

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  2. I have to be the biggest fan around. When several matches are on, the televisions, laptop, and phones are showing different matches. Glad he enjoyed it. Sorry your team lost 😔

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