Took a walk in a local park.

After doing Zumba class today with Michelle, I was driving home, and always pass this small park. So I decided to park up. There was a postal vehicle, with the driver having his lunch break, but that was all.

I like this park because it has a dock, with a boat ramp for small boats, the river, plenty of trees that give a lot of shade. It is also hilly, which makes for a good walking spot. I went down to the river, and while I was taking photos, a man with a teenage boy, reversed with a boat and trailer. Because of the high water, due to Hurricane Elsa, he could barely see the tiny dock, there was a crunch, and one wheels didn’t make the dock. He pulled it back up, tried again, and this time the wheel missed it on the other side.

I decided to leave the area, as I thought he might be embarrassed with me watching. I walked the entire park, and when I got back to my car, I couldn’t see a vehicle with a trailer anywhere. I am assuming that they left.

This is something I need to do when I go to the US19 gym. Even though the heat index was around 100 degrees, I felt comfortable with the breeze, and the cover of the trees.


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