Updated review of Fitzgerald’s Irish Tavern

Fitzgerald’s Irish Tavern Irish · $$PLACE DETAILS Susan Slade

I am updating my review of Fitzgerald’s Irish Tavern, as I took the owner up on her offer. Yes, I had to wait a long time for the delicious bangers and mash, but I don’t think they were on the menu today, which meant they were specially cooked for me. My test for bangers are that the skins are not tough to cut into, and that the inside is slightly pink, and not brown, as that denotes overcooking. Today’s sausages/bangers for perfect. Probably the best ones I have had in the U.S. I will most certainly be coming back often. Also the lady to my right had the fish ‘n’ chips, and the portion of Haddock was huge.

This was my previous review that I was able to update.

‘ I went to Fitzgerald’s Irish Tavern for bangers and Mash, on my birthday. I always have my favorite meal when at a British restaurant/pub. It came out with 2 sausages, cut down the middle, and deep fried to a crisp. We were sitting outside, so it took awhile to find a server. I told her that I couldn’t even chew them. They were all cut up, so the server ordered 1 new one. It came out hard, and full of fat. I wanted to really complain, but my friend was treating me for my birthday, and paid the full price.’

So pleased I went back.



  1. No that cook had no idea of how to cook bangers. You don’t cut them down the middle, and deep fry them. Slowly under the grill/broiler on the middle shelf. Every cook should know that 😊

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