4 lots of Zumba this week, and 3 on the treadmill.

I can’t wait for Thursday when I see the orthopedic specialist/surgeon. I am sure that it won’t be good news, as how can it be with several tears in the rotator cuff, but at least it is a second opinion.

As you know I tried physical therapy but it wasn’t working the area of the shoulder that won’t move. I keep a sling on when out, but not in the house, unless I have something heavy to move. The sling prevents me from doing more damage to it.

Yesterday, and today I have been watching all the Eurocup 2020 matches again. On ESPN+ they automatically go onto the next match. I always find football/soccer relaxing to have on in the background, even if I have seen the matches. I had missed the England – Germany one, as I was taking care of my friend last week, and got so much enjoyment out of seeing it.

Tomorrow I will be checking my cable channels, as well as ESPN+, and Peacock to see the pre-match shows, leading up to the final. I struggled to watch the semi-final, so it will be excruciating joy or pain for me, depending on the result.

I still remember us crowded around the tiny black and white television when England won the world cup in 1966. I would really like so see England win a Championship Cup before I leave this earth. Just maybe……..


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