I don’t bloody believe it, a thunderstorm knocked our power out.

Right before the end of added time the power went out, and I was trying to get the end of the EuroCup2020 final on my phone. As both are Spectrum I didn’t manage it. Then it came back, and I saw them huddled around, so knew it was going to penalties.

It went out almost immediately, and I tried again to get it on my phone. Len’s daughter, and husband were watching it in Arizona, so I texted her. She said to Facetime, and I got to see the last 2 penalty kicks. Her Aunt who also lives in the area, did Facetime too, so we were all watching the television in Arizona.

Thank goodness for technology. This is by far the worst storm of the season so far. The lightning is so close, and bright that every time it flashes I feel it’s coming into the house.

So now I know that England didn’t win, so I can’t believe that it is 6 p.m., and I had been watching the pregame since 2 p.m., and I missed the most important parts of the match. That’s made me more unhappy than England losing on penalty kicks.



  1. I watched the game. I was sad England lost on penalty kicks. So hard on Saka who was the last to try to kick in a goal. He was crying at the end. The TSN announcer said he is only 19.

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