In the U.S., and especially Florida they downplay Covid. Lambda is the new variant.

England have it in the newspapers, on television, and online. I find out about new variants long before we hear anything here in Florida/U.S.

Our governor is more interested in the economy than people getting Covid. I still take precautions, like having a mask on my wrist in case I need to wear it, washing my hands often, and if not using a sanitizer.

Please stay safe in this new ‘normal’ world, because we are always going to have some form of Covid around.


  1. DeSantis is a fool. They are touting him for president?! That’s crazy. He cannot even handle our state right. What a joke.


  2. You’re right. Covid will always be around but I refuse to be a slave to a lot of government lock downs and rules. That’s what viruses do. They mutate. Thank you, China!


  3. Spot-on, Susie. I’m tired of aggresive behaviour directed towards myself for wearing ‘the mask’ before vaccinations were even available through to now when I’ve been fully vaxxed for months because our state doesn’t have a good rep for taking this Pandemic ‘new normal’ at all seriously…and then of course our governor??? Don’t even get me started! (South Carolina)

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  4. Those who refuse to wear a mask or get vaccinated ate thoughtless and put their friends and family at risk of this dread virus. I just hope they don’t come face to face with a ventilator. They also risk the lives of medical personnel. DeSantis is a disaster for Florida.

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  5. SMiles Susie My Wife’s
    Elder FRiEnD With
    Health Issues
    Suffering Now
    With COVID-19
    With Both Vaccinations

    She Apparently
    Caught It At The
    only Place She Visited

    A Crowded Church
    Where i Live only
    36 Percent Are



    Sadly As Usual
    The Most Vulnerable
    Including Children



    Both In
    State And
    Church There’s
    Really No Difference
    In Selfish Economic



    “Trumps” Sanctity

    Of Breathing Life

    Where The Honor
    System of The
    Vaccination of Love


    Act Is
    None As Only



    In Suits
    And Robes Rule…

    Love Is A Greater God Way..

    At The Virus Didn’t

    Kill My
    Frail Sick FRiEnD

    She got The Vaccination

    For Respect of Her Breath

    She Survives Not All Will

    Do What Love Does
    For Everyone

    Give A
    More Than Selfish…

    KiNDNeSS Rules Best👏


  6. We hear about all the variants here in Canada. We also hear about the numbers in the US. Glad you are still staying safe. This thing is not over and I am still taking precautions even though I am fully vaccinated.

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