Had a wonderful Facetime with my daughter, and granddaughter today.

That’s why I have been absent from WordPress. It’s always lovely when they have the time to video with me. My daughter and I text, and email, but it’s not the same.

So I was a little late for Zumba class, also my car key kept opening up, to show the inside. Not only a battery, but wiring too. As the Honda dealership is close to the gym, I stopped in to see if it could be mended. There is a screw that keeps it together. Unfortunately it had broken, but the service guys try to make it work for me. They said that it was a temporary fix. I told them that I would put tape around it, and keep it as my backup one. I had another key at home.

I asked if they would wash my car, while I went to the café. It was a gentleman that I hadn’t seen before, and he was making turkey club sandwiches, as he had owned 2 restaurants. It was so good. He couldn’t keep up with the employees coming for sandwiches. They also had cupcakes, fruit, and coffee. I always leave a small tip for the person at the café, and also the one that washes my car. I really appreciate the Ocean Honda dealership.

I have just got home, and have to leave in half an hour for my financial guy. I am full, and content. I also got to talk to a mother, and daughter who were very nice.


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