I wrote about my frustrations with the Panera Bread app yesterday so….

today when I called in, I asked one of the ladies if she could help me. I showed her the email, logged in twice, which it told the lady to do. She couldn’t get it to work, so asked the Manager. The manager tried, and again was unsuccessful. She gave me a 1-800 number to phone.

I decided to do it after I got home, and caught up. So I was checking my phone, and I had a reply to my social share of yesterdays post. I was asked to p.m. them. Silly me couldn’t because I hadn’t followed them, and it came up as a reply on the page. This was quickly deleted. Finally we messaged one another, and when I was given the code to put in for the $4.99 offer, it didn’t come up anywhere for me to enter it. However, it came up for free coffee even though I have had free before. I p.md. the person, and they said it should have come up. Well it didn’t. In the end I told her to cancel the free ones, and it’s just not worth my time.

A receipt for free coffee.

The reply came back that they were not able to apply the promo code, and that they will share my feedback with the team.

What a fiasco. The Manager did say that I am welcome to go in to the store, and get my coffee until it sorted out. She is doing a great job, but boy does their email/promo/codes suck.


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