Sarin Mathews Womens 3/4 Sleeve Open Front Cropped Short Knit Cardigan Sweaters

I just love this cardigan, and it’s kept it’s color, and shape.


Last night we went dancing and I wore a Sarin Mathews bright red sexy top.  I took my new Sarin Mathews 3/4 sleeve Cardigan with me because I am always cold.

It comes in black, navy, burgundy, and gray, which is the one I chose.  The sizes are small through extra large.  I had my husband take photos of me modeling it, on a hanger, and also a video, so pretty much everything you want to know is there for you.

This is my autumn, spring cardigan as it is perfect for the Florida weather.  I believe it will be great for summer in other states, or countries.

I don’t have any other cardigans in this style, so will get a lot of use out of it.

I did receive it for free, and am so very happy with it.  If I went onto the Amazon site, this is…

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